Dom de Vetta on next-gen beauty

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Dom de Vetta on next-gen beautyDom de Vetta is the founder and creative director of imaginative, boutique perfume brand Shay & Blue, and previously created fragrances for Jo Malone and Chanel. Here he talks about his belief that incredible beauty products should be accessible to all…


I passionately believe in the power of great value beauty. For example, right now I use Deciem’s The Ordinary skincare products every day. Their vitamin C serum in the day, and retinoid serum at night. My skin has never looked better, and these are products that cost around £10 or less.

I have just never believed that paying extortionate amounts for a product is worth it. Even before The Ordinary came along, my daily skincare product was Nivea Soft, which is a good basic everyday moisturiser. When you look around on the internet, this is pretty much what dermatologists say as well: find a great basic moisturiser, ideally with vitamin C and/or retinoids, and try not to pay too much.

Customers now are really savvy, thanks to the transparency of the internet, and there is a whole new wave of next-gen beauty

And this it the reason that I started Shay & Blue. I wanted to give people very high quality fragrance ingredients for a fraction of the normal price. For example, our 30ml size is only around £25 – whereas most luxury fragrance brands now charge £85, £100, even £150 or more. It has got crazy, and it is profiteering on the part of those companies.

But the world has changed, and people won’t put up with this any more. Customers now are really savvy, thanks to the transparency of the internet, and there is a whole new wave of next-gen beauty companies like Deciem and Shay & Blue that offer amazing quality at very affordable prices. Great value has always been my beauty obsession, it is just so great to see that this is now a big movement that is spreading.

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