Isle of Paradise: the tanning brand everyone's talking about

Isle of Paradise: the tanning brand everyone’s talking about

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Hitting the beauty scene with an impact of epic proportions, Isle of Paradise is everywhere. Influencers, celebrities and industry experts can’t get enough of it, and it’s easy to see why.

Founded by celebrity tanner Jules Von Hep, he created Isle of Paradise to give everyone a feel-good tanning experience. He says it’s for those “who’ve been scarred by past tanning experiences and want to try again, with something that’s easy to use and fuss-free. For those of us who love self tanning. For those who want to be bronze but not orange, for those who hate streaks and patchiness in tans. And for those who care about what ingredients you’re putting on your skin week on week.”


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Fueled by a desire to alleviate both his own tanning frustrations and his clients, Jules lauds Isle of Paradise as the antidote to every bad tanning experience you’ve ever had: “Being a spray tanner by trade it’s safe to say I’ve seen it all. Every dull, lifeless, orange, streaky and worst of all smelly tan on the market. I’ve had them all in my kit and none of them gave me the finish I was after. I wanted glowy, golden, natural-looking skin that actually still looked like skin!”

With such a unstoppable, positive force behind it, the brand gives us three main feel-good factors: glowy, colour-correcting tan, body positivity, and clean, cruelty-free formulas. First of all, your conscience can rest easy, as the entire range is organic, vegan and cruelty-free. It’s also free from parabens, phyllite and mineral oils.

I love every inch of your body and that glorious skin of yours. Be proud of your body, it’s more amazing that you’ll probably ever know

Second of all, the brand champions body positivity. Jules believes in this on both a personal and professional level, and having tanned countless clients over the years, he wants the truth to get out – we all have body hang ups, and that’s okay. Jules says “I love every inch of your body and that glorious skin of yours. Be proud of your body, it’s more amazing than you’ll probably ever know. Self tan is a form of self-love, enjoy being naked while you apply our formulations and enjoy how the glow makes you feel after. Smile more, wear colour and go and live your best glowing life.” Refreshingly, Isle of Paradise reflects the actual variety of women’s bodies (and some men’s too) – you only have to glance at their Instagram grid to see a gorgeous array of body sizes and skin colours, that doesn’t feel in the least contrived.

And thirdly, every single product in the range will help you look your mostly glowy, radiant self – this range does way more that your average self tan. Jules says, “I was mixing self tan and colour correcting make-up backstage, I’d had enough of carrying cases of product around with me and then I had my lightbulb moment – colour-correcting tan.”

The entire range uses colour-correcting formulas, coded in peach, green and violet, so you know exactly which formula you’ll need. Jules recommends: “For light skin tones that want to have a brighter complexion opt for peach. Our peach range is formulated with Oxy-Glow Complex designed to boost oxygen levels in the skin and therefore give a more radiant, glowy complexion after use. Medium skin tones opt for green. Our green based range not only gives a natural golden looking self tan but also calms stressed or inflamed skin via our Super Balance Complex – formulated with the agastache Mexicana flower to reduce redness. And darker skin tones should lean toward the violet range. Infused with our Hyper Violet Complex the violet range counteracts the orange and yellow tones with the self tan to deliver the best possible dark bronze yet.”

Plus, you’ve got several different formulas – a mousse, a water and drops – so you can tan in the way that you prefer.

The Tanning Drops

Jules says: “Our drops should be mixed in with a scoop of your favourite moisturiser, balm, serum or oil. The more drops you add, the deeper your final tan will be. This is perfect if you (like me) change your mind a lot. You can alter the depth of your tan each time you apply. Our drops are also perfect for those on the move – they’re under 100ml.”

The Tanning Water

Jules says: “Isle of Paradise Self Tan Waters are essentially like having me in the bathroom with you! Mist over the skin like you would an SPF at the beach – rubbing in with your palms and washing after use. There’s no guide colour in the water so no transfer onto clothing or bed linen.”

The Tanning Mousse

Jules says “Our mousse is for those who like to be in control – apply using an applicator mitt and sweep over the skin as if you were frosting a cake, using the guide colour to help you see where you’ve applied. Our quick drying self tan mousses are perfect for contouring and sculpting if you’re feeling slightly ‘extra’.”


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Instant Body Bronzer

Perfect for a speedy addition of colour and radiance in a flash, we love Disco Tan for those unexpected moments: when you’re unprepared for a sunny day and want to get your legs out, or when you’re invited for impromptu Friday night drinks. It’s wash off (‘yolo’), and infused with Oxy-Glow complex, and avocado and chia seed oils, to serve hydrated, glowing skin all in one.

The Desert Island product

And of course, we couldn’t let Jules leave us without asking about his desert island, Island of Paradise product: “Our Green Water! It hides my redness, gives a natural looking bronzed finish to my skin and makes me smile every time I apply it!

See our full Isle of Paradise range to get your best-ever glow on.

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