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How to always wake up with great hair

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If you’re prone to snoozing your alarm in the morning then kick yourself for eating into that all-important styling time, we’ve got your back. No matter what your hair type, there are several low-maintenance ways to prep your mane for morning that you can do before bed, or that can work while you sleep.

Flat morning hair

If you rise each morning with zero volume, forget hours of heat style and layers of dry shampoo or volumising products. Add volume without weighing down your hair with Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo, which delivers a fine, triple-action cleansing mist that not only soaks up excess oil, but also adds guts and hold at the root. Not only can it extend your time between shampoos, it also makes for guilt-free snoozing when your alarm goes off.

Crazy morning hair

Wild hair in the morning can take a long time to tame, so get a head start while you sleep with the multi-tasking This Works Sleep Plus Hair Elixir. Not only does the calming mix of essential oils help you have a more restful night’s sleep (so you’ll bounce out of bed instead of snoozing and have more time to spend on your hair), it also contains argan oil and rejuvenating baobab so your hair feels hydrated and silky from the get-go.

Dull morning hair

If your hair looks dull first thing it may be tempting to wash it to give it back its shine, but when time is tight, or when you just don’t have the energy, there is a quicker solution. Babyliss Ionic Hairbrush releases ions directly into the hair to effortlessly dissolve and eliminate frizz and static, while giving hair a polished look that doesn’t knock out volume.

Lank morning hair

When there really is no saving your hair come the AM, you can still cut down on how long it will take to wash or restyle. If time is really tight you can section hair and then twist it up into the Babyliss Curl Pods Wrap & Snap Heated Silicone Hair Rollers which offer a quick and fuss-free way to use heat to add life and lusciousness back into your hair.

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